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SK No Edit is a musician occupying a new, unheard intersection of pop, hip hop, and rock. SK is a NJ native, who studied math at MIT, and is now based out of the Bronx. She is often compared to artists like Green Day, Linkin Park, Machine Gun Kelly, and Blink 182. Her music is rooted in a diverse set of influences, including NY boom bap staples like DMX, Method Man, and 50 Cent, punk rock icons like Third Eye Blind, and all-star songwriters like John Mayer and Tracy Chapman. SK’s lyricism and songwriting are so versatile that it often feels as if she fills the feature role on her own songs. Beyond singing and rapping, SK also produces and sound engineers. She has produced and engineered for the likes of Ruff Ryders Radio and Mysonne the NY General.

SK’s love for music first manifested as a diehard shower singer and shy bedroom guitarist. It wasn’t until college that she began performing in Boston open mics and T stations after a number of injuries and surgeries ended her collegiate cross country and track & field career. She split time between learning production and engineering in an EDM night class, gigging with a funk/old school R&B cover band as a guitarist, and honing her rap skills in a friend’s studio in Roxbury. Upon realizing that she wanted to pursue music as a career, she quit her job in Boston, found a tutoring position in New York, and moved to the Bronx. SK has since worked with Ruff Ryders Radio, DITC, and other staples of NY hip hop. SK has performed at SOBs, the House of Blues (Myrtle Beach) opening for Stunna 4 Vegas, the Middle East (Boston), and many other venues across the US.


SK’s goal is to create timeless, dope ass music, while staying true to her core.



"SK No Edit really has created her own lane, she really understands how to blend Pop, Hip-Hop and Rock in an astonishing way".  

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